Nursery and Children's Church

Nursery care is provided during all of our services for infants through Kindergarten. We have two nurseries to help serve your needs and those of your children. Our Infant Nursery is amply supplied with cribs, changing table, diapers, toys, etc., to help make your baby’s stay comfortable. Our Toddler Nursery is geared to the “older” child with the necessities and accessories (toys, books, etc.) to make his/her visit pleasant. A special room is provided for nursing mothers.

Children's Church
 is a special program for children ages 4-7 while their parents are at the Morning Worship Service. Ages 4-5 meet in the chapel at 10:30am; ages 6-7 begin in the auditorium with their parents and are dismissed to Children's Church before the message. Children enjoy Bible stories, song time, games and snacks. 


Childcare Workers, please view the following information:


Infant & Toddler Nursery Procedures 


Emergency Evacuation Procedures 


Food Allergy Alert